2010 World Cup Sports Memorabilia Frame

Here at ART on 5th, saying “we like framing” is an understatement. We not only enjoy designing custom frames, we love it. One of the highlights of custom framing is seeing the piece’s progress from start to finish. So we’ve decided to share our favorite framing pictures with you!

One client this month is a huge soccer fan! He wanted to frame some of his soccer tickets along with the corresponding magazine. Here are the before and after pictures.




Jose Alamo - World Cup Collage

Jose Alamo - World Cup Collage close up

ART on 5th’s framing is unique, even among other quality framers. What makes us different and better? All good frame shops use the same quality components. Our difference is our unique design sense. We are truly custom frame DESIGNERS.

First, instead of using colored paper mats, we use hand-wrapped linen mats to provide space between your artwork and the frame. Hand-wrapped linen is richer in appearance and has more depth, creating a more interesting visual experience. The neutral tones of the linen allow us to be more creative in our frame choices. Second, our frame selection is bigger than anyone’s. We have over 3,000 frame styles-not merely to say we have more. For us the selection is our design palette, enabling us to analyze your piece, discuss your home décor and choose 4 or 5 frames that will work perfectly with the artwork in your space.

Our attention to detail is unsurpassed. We use Kevlar (also used in bullet-proof vests) cords on the back of our frames instead of the braided wire which rusts and breaks over time. Acrylic is our preferred choice over glass—it won’t shatter and is much lighter. Other frame shops recommend non-glare glass. We don’t. Why? It makes your artwork look fuzzy and blurry because the non glare effect is achieved by them etching (scratching) the glass. Glare is natural. IF your space demands that there be no glare we have anti-reflection glass, called Museum Glass, which actually looks like there is no glass on the piece.

Try us once and we’ll be your framer for life. No one designs frames the way we do. Our design concepts are original, helping you to explore more adventurous ideas that will enhance your viewing experience, but not compete with your art.

If you come by the gallery and mention this post, you will receive a $50 Custom Framing Gift Certificate!

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