Dr. Seuss’s Freebird

Like I’ve said before, custom framing Dr. Seuss pieces are some of my favorite pieces to frame. Recently I got to custom frame Dr. Seuss’s Freebird for a couple starting to fill their walls. This was one of the first time’s I was looking for something a little more traditional, but still fun. Typically when I frame I got all out and mostly modern, this one was a challenge, but a fun one. I LOVE the outcome! The combination of gold and silver created this rustic yet classic feel for the piece and the fillet which matched the inside lip of the frame was just icing on the cake. This massive 4″ frame had the possibility of overwhelming the piece, but it did just the opposite, it compliments perfectly. Not to mention our awesome hand wrapped linen liner and mat to give the frame some breathing room as well as Continued reading →

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