ART on 5th is the premier custom framer of choice in Austin, our framing is unique, even among other quality framers. We’ve carefully chosen a huge selection of frames from over fifteen different suppliers to ensure that we have perfect design options for your project. What makes us different and better? We all know that all good frame shops use the same quality components but our difference is our unique design sense, we truly are custom frame DESIGNERS. Instead of using colored paper mats, we use hand-wrapped linen mats to provide space between your artwork and the frame. Hand-wrapped linen is richer in appearance and has more depth, creating a more interesting visual experience. The neutral tones of the linen allow us to be more creative in our frame choices. Our frame selection is the largest in Austin with over 3,000 frame styles. For us this extensive frame selection works as our design palette enabling us to analyze your piece, discuss your home décor and the effect you want to create, we then strive to come up with a selection of frame options that will work perfectly with the artwork in your space.

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