An eclectic mix of custom framing in Austin

As we like to say here in Austin, “Keep Austin Weird”. This past month has seen an amazing eclectic mixture of custom framing jobs pass through our door, helping to keep that saying alive. It’s not that any of the items we’ve framed are particularly weird, but the point I’m trying to make is that, lets just say, we’ve had a weird and wonderful mixture of jobs which is why we love what we do. We’ve framed, amongst others….


A giant flat screen TV that is a mirror when switched off – TV when switched on (very cool but also very heavy..!)

A huge 1940’s advertising poster with the biggest cartoon squirrel you’ve ever seen (my favorite piece to date)

A certificate hand signed by President Obama (and signed by Hilary Clinton too..!)

An original New York City Subway NYTA advertisement (one of the skinny ads that go above the door on the trains)

Some amazing African street art collected on travels across the continent

An Andy Warhol “Marilyn Monroe” print which is being presented the way Warhol prints should be – in a plexi box (very cool piece)

A beautiful ornate Tibetan print with hundreds of tiny golden Buddha’s

A set of original Confederate banknotes

A set of 7 original vintage Christmas card etchings

A Dr Seuss illustration (one of the many we’ve done here)

A huge print of a rhino in the jungle – a rush job that came in one day and left the next



As you can see we don’t just put frames on photographs, diplomas and the occasional piece of art. Here at ART on 5th we love a challenge, so if you have something that is special to you and deserves more than being stuck in a drawer because you don’t want it damaged but don’t know how else to display it, bring it down, we’d love to help.






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