Christmas Custom Framing Deadline

So it’s that time of year again and I’m sure you’re looking forward to a wonderful Christmas surrounded by loved ones, family and friends. And I’m sure you’d like to also spend it with nothing missing from your walls so we thought it best to let you know that the cutoff for framing this year is tomorrow, Saturday 14th December. The reason being that we are reliant on the frame molding companies getting us the frame sticks in time to build them, and they all have different shipping schedules as they’re located all over the US.

Anything that comes in a few days after Saturday 14th will be charged a 20% rush fee BUT we will only go ahead if we can guarantee getting the frame molding in time from the supplier so we’ll have to call them first to check last minute delivery schedules before the Christmas break, and if we can’t get the molding here then we won’t be charging a rush fee because we won’t be able to make the deadline and your frame will be completed after the holidays…!

White Christmas


We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you in 2014

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