Custom Framing for Jermaine Rogers Show!

Recently we hosted one of our biggest and most successful shows for rock and roll poster artist Jermaine Rogers.

We have over 400 pieces by Jermaine, so saying it was tough to pick out which ones to custom frame…would be an understatement.

Band of HorsesMedusaFrida & Van GoghMother on WoodWe really got to go all out with these. We included linen floats, floater frames, black linen top matting, and certain pieces with no matting (just using a spacer to lift the glass off of the piece)! All of the pieces have UV protected plexi-glas to protect them from fading. One of the pieces even has an old school Baroque feel:

3 Eyed JackalopeThis next piece was by far the most interesting to design. Jermaine had given us one of his “test proofs” of his designs for the Dog Fish Head Brewing Company’s seasonal beer labels. The piece is front and back with full color labels on one side and a single color outline on the other. Designing a frame for this piece that showcased the front and back was a challenge. Firstly, the front and back are printed inversely. So this piece required two custom frames that were rotatable, archival, and with no hanging wire in the way of viewing. We put a distressed wood frame on both sides to avoid any possible scratches from flipping the piece and created what’s called a french cleat out of extra moulding so it would match. This piece was already amazing, and now it has an extremely unique frame to go with it. It is two pieces in one! The Jermaine’s are permanent to the gallery along with some rare vinyl figures he’s created, so come check them out before they are all gone!

Dog Fish Head Labels FrontDog Fish Head Labels Back






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