Custom Framing Vintage Movie Posters

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Here at ART on 5th we’ve got an amazing collection of over 500 vintage movie posters, all originals dating from the 1920’s through to modern day. The posters are available unframed, but lets face it, you wouldn’t want to put your original Star Wars poster from 1977 on your wall with thumbtacks or chewing gum. We have plenty of options here with our custom framing shop but we also have a great simple way to show off your prize movie memorabilia while keeping it safe from harm. We offer Plexiglas mounts, both in regular acrylic Plexiglas and UV acrylic Plexiglas to protect your poster from fading in sunlight. Each poster is placed on a black metal backboard with your vintage movie poster sandwiched in between.

Sometimes the posters have creases where they’d been stored for many years before we got our hands on them. A vast majority of vintage movie posters issued before the mid 1980’s were issued folded so there’s no getting away from it. Some movie buffs like the creases, they give the poster that authentic touch and show that it’s not a recent reproduction print taking pride of place on their wall, but if you want your poster to look a little sharper on display you can have it linen backed. This archival process involves mounting the poster on acid free paper and canvas. Fold lines become less noticeable, even sometimes invisible. Linen backing can dramatically improve the overall appearance of your poster and can substantially increase its value. Imagine that vintage Star Wars poster from 1977 linen backed and mounted with UV Plexiglas, it’s lasted this long so far but will last a whole lot longer and become an investment piece as the value goes up with time but the condition stays the same.

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