Custom Plasma Television Frame

Why would you need frame a television?  Sometimes a client will want to frame a regular TV, but this is no ordinary television.  We have a client who’s TV essentially has two functions; a high definition television and a mirror when not in use.  When powered off the television acts as a normal wall mirror.  Since mirrors are usually framed, this is when custom framing comes into the picture.  When dealing with a piece of equipment as high-tech and modern as a plasma screen/mirror, a traditional frame just wasn’t cutting it.  We decided to go with a sleek glossy 4″ black lacquer frame to highlight the modern interior of the client’s home and the shiny finish on the frame works well with the mirror’s reflection.  This was a very fun and unusual request for us, we always love a good framing challenge.  We have been framing a lot of mirrors lately but nothing quite like this.  The TV cannot be backed traditionally because of the televisions components/plug-ins on the back, so the frame will need a custom mount separate from the television.  The frame will also be lined with felt so it doesn’t scratch the mirror top.  Finished product photos to be continued!

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