There are always questions about picture framing, preparation of art, available materials, and our services. Below, in the limited space available, we answer some of the more common questions around Custom Framing here in Austin, TX.

What does “custom framing” mean?

Custom framing means that every element of your picture frame, including the outer frame, the mats, and the glass or acrylic (which we prefer) is custom cut to order for your piece. Some shops sell stock size frames and try to put your artwork into that, but it never looks good because artwork is rarely a standard size, and if it is, the stock frames do not take into account the matting required to make the piece pop.

What does custom framing cost?

We have over 3,000 frame samples, and there are so many options that it is impossible to give a cost estimate without seeing the artwork. We pride ourselves on our design sense and within just a few minutes we can give you a choice of different price points to fit your budget. Custom framing is not inexpensive, but if you frame a piece the right way, meaning with a frame and matting that works well with the piece, then you will never have to frame it again. It truly is an investment.

How long does it take to get a piece framed?

For the most part we can meet any deadline, but on average you should allow 3 weeks for your framing to be done. The shorter your timeframe the smaller the selection available. This takes into account that fact that we are VERY picky with the quality of the frame material, and we frequently have to reorder to get perfect frame moulding.

I see that you have great Yelp reviews. What makes your framing different from other frame shops?

First of all, very few art galleries also frame. Most frame shops are small, have a selection of only a hundred or so frames, and don’t have the artistic aesthetic we have as an art gallery. What really separates us is our design sense. There are many frame shops (not the chains) that do quality work, but they do not have the eye that we do to pop the piece. The frame make all the difference in the world . Plus we use hand wrapped linen mats, UV protecting acrylic and our attention to detail is unsurpassed. Our tagline is “Try us once and we’ll be your framer for life.” It’s true. NOBODY designs frames the way we do. Nobody.

Can you show me how you actually frame a piece after it has been designed?

Yes, watch the video I have shot that shows our senior framer putting together a frame.

Do you have a way of protecting against sun damage on my artwork?

Yes, we offer UV filtering acrylic, that filters out most of the harmful UV rays. In fact, we require you to use UV acrylic if you have a photo or watercolor as they will fade away without it.

I want to re-frame a piece. Do you do that?

All the time. So many people come in with framing that now looks out of date. That will never happen with framing from ART on 5th. Why? Because we always frame for the piece so if the frame looks good with the piece today it always will, and will never go out of style.

I have many windows in my house but I hate non-glare glass because it makes my artwork look fuzzy. Can you help?

No problem. While many frame shops still sell non-glare glass, we never sell it. The problem with it is the non-glare properties are achieved by etching (scratching) the back of the glass. So the artwork looks fuzzy. We have a product called Art Glass, which has a proprietary coating to almost totally eliminate glare, and a bonus is that it is UV filtering too. It is quite amazing. The glass just disappears.

My artwork has been damaged. Do you do restoration?

Yes, we can restore canvases, works on paper, even sculptures. Watercolors are some of the most difficult kinds of artwork to restore because they are so fragile, but we have restored them successfully many times. We have repaired holes in canvases. Many times all your canvas painting needs is cleaning from generations of smoking. You will be amazed at the new brightness you will see in your newly cleaned painting.

I have a very unusual thing to frame. Do you only frame paintings and pictures?

Actually, we specialize in framing the unusual. We have framed tapestries, wedding dresses, stained glass windows, books, swords, sports jerseys, one hundred year old advertising posters….the list goes on and on. We can frame ANYTHING.

I have a very valuable painting. Is it insured when you have it in your possession, and how do I know you have the expertise to frame high value items?

For example, we have framed many Andy Warhol pieces, as well as Miro’s and Picasso’s, among others. And your artwork is fully insured against fire or theft when it is in our possession.