My final custom framing tuition

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This week I decided to throw myself in the deep end and start to work on actual framing jobs rather than sit passively watching the experts at work and taking notes. It’s become increasingly obvious to me that custom framing is not as straight forward as you might expect and this becomes more apparent when you see the paperwork we process for a framing job for the first time. It looked a little intimidating to me to say the least so I decided a final bit of one-to-one tuition with my colleague Mary was needed. I found a small Dr Seuss print that I recently received free with a very cool Dr Seuss book and set to work on my first (pretend) framing job. Which color mat should I use? Which frame samples should I try? (There are so many to choose from), should I use a fillet? In this instance the answer was “yes” to all the above, after all I was just practicing working with the vast number of options open to you when you get your custom framing done with us here at ART on 5th.

After much number crunching, head scratching, asking endless questions and writing complex formulas out in my notebook like a mad scientist I finally did it, I wrote out all the paperwork for my pretend Dr Seuss custom framing job with all the different options, AND IT WAS ALL CORRECT..!!!!

So that’s it, I can do it….I’m going to unleash my custom framing skills on the good folk of Austin. If it’s unique picture frames, wooden picture frames or poster frames for that cool gig poster you’ve been keeping under your bad for the last few years, why not come down and check out my new found custom framing skills.


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