Getting your framing right first time


So here’s me a few weeks into my new job here and I’m still learning about the surprisingly complex world of custom framing. One thing that stood out when I sat in on a framing quote with gallery owner Joe Sigel, was him explaining to a client how we work hard to get you a custom frame that perfectly compliments your art. Because of this your framed treasured art will remain timeless, no matter how many times you move home or redecorate; if the frame is right for the artwork in the first place it will always work, you should frame to the piece and not to this weeks “in color” according to the latest interiors guru. One thing that was pointed out to me was that we often get clients here wanting to re-frame pieces that were originally framed elsewhere a few years back, but we never see pieces that we have framed here coming back to be “updated” or modernized because teal is the new black.

frames   seuss frame 3Hortonseuss frame 2

With this new installed knowledge fresh in my mind I walked the gallery to see if he was right….and of course, he was. I specifically looked at our Dr Seuss collection and how we’d framed each piece to suit the art and then it all made perfect sense to me. The frame almost becomes a part of the art held inside, it compliments the art and can even help to highlight areas or bring out subtle colors with the use of fillets and colored frame moldings. There is definitely more to making your unique picture frame than you’d initially think.


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