Labor Day


So this coming Monday is Labor Day, the first thing I thought was “they spelt it wrong….it’s spelt LABOUR”, the second thing I thought (after running through all the other stuff that us Brits spell differently to you guys – color/COLOUR, neighbor/NEIGHBOUR, humor/HUMOUR etc) was that I’ll be just fine as long as I remove the letter “U” from everything.

Because we realize that people don’t always have the time to come by before or after work to get that certain special picture framed, we’re going to be open from 11am to 4pm on Labo(u)r day just for you..! So far I’ve seen us frame everything from a certificate hand signed by President Obama and Hilary Clinton, to a really cool poster for one of my favourite (yes that’s how we spell favorite in London) bands The National’s 2010 tour or Europe, so if you think that it’s just pictures that require framing you’re wrong. I bet if you look around there’ll be something you’ve got tucked away in a drawer somewhere for safe keeping that you might actually like to see rather than have hidden away gathering dust.

I’ll be here with Haley and Mary to take care of all your framing needs, and if you’ve got nothing to frame you can always just come and hang with The Secret Art of Dr Seuss for a while to beat the heat before you head to that BBQ.

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