Make Tea Not War: Exposing the back side…

Needing to be able to see the front AND the back of a particular piece? Well backless framing is no problem for us!

I recently had a client come in to frame a “Make Tea Not War” postcard, but still wanted to be able to see the back side where it had been addressed. We framed the back with it’s own linen matting and another piece of plexi-glas on top of it, giving it’s own frame separate from the front. We used plexi-glas instead of regular glass because it is light weight, and since we were using two sheets it was able to stay that way once it was put together. Once the extended piece of kevlar cord is attached and he will be able to swing it back and forth making it easy to display and show off both sides of the piece. This postcard was interesting to say the least and we always love a good framing challenge!

Not only is this a really cool postcard, but this frame is extremely complementary to it’s vintage style.

I’ve covered the address and names for privacy.

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