The Power of a Fillet

We like to think of custom framing as getting a new piece of furniture.  So when clients want to keep a frame simple so it doesn’t clash with other pieces in the home, an easy way to make it personal to the art is a small inner component called a fillet.  Fillets are a great way to highlight detail.  We love to use colorful fillets to bring out a specific color, black fillets to add contrast, or an ornate fillet to dress up a simple black frame.  In this case we used the fillets to personalize and connect the different pieces.

The simple white frame with the hand wrapped linen mat keeps the piece light, delicate, and modern.  The fillet acts as a small inner frame that highlights the main color in the piece, while connecting the two frames without being identical.

Another great addition to these pieces is the museum glass.  Other frame shops recommend non-glare glass.  We don’t.  It makes your artwork look fuzzy and blurry because the non-glare effect is achieved by etching/scratching the glass.  Glare is natural, but if certain pieces are in direct sunlight you may have too much glare to be able to enjoy them.  It offers the highest level of ultra light filtering technology and eliminates up to 85% of the annoying glare that hinders you from enjoying your art.  On top of being anti-reflective, the museum glass has conservation grade UV protection.  So you’re pieces will look amazing and be safe from long term damage!

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