How do I put a custom frame on a canvas?

Before I started working here at ART on 5th I just thought you put frames around flat artwork and photographs and canvas pieces were stretched onto wooden frames and put on the wall with nothing else on show other than the canvas itself. In some cases that’s absolutely fine, it might not suit the piece to have a frame covering the sides. Sometimes we do what’s called a gallery wrap where the canvas is wrapped around a hidden wooden frame with the actual artwork continuing around the sides. One of the best examples of how effective gallery wrapping can be is currently on view here at ART on 5th. One of our regular artists Isabelle Dupuy uses thick layers of paint to make flowers look 3 dimensional on the canvas and the flowers continue around the sides to create a great effect on your wall as you can see in the image below..


dupuy side view

Another option is to do a canvas float frame. This is a frame that is designed to sit around the canvas to cover the sides if they’re not painted like the Dupuy piece above. I had a client last week with a set of 3 canvas pieces all by the same artist. The client had a very stylish house with beautiful maple wood flooring and the black painted sides of the canvas just wasn’t working for them. They loved the image on the canvas but they just didn’t quite blend in with the surroundings. We used a canvas float to help the canvases look more at home in their surroundings. Here’s the piece and a close up image of the corner of the canvas float to show you how it looked.The frame didn’t detract from the image in any way, it just helped it look at home in its surroundings.

    rabbit        canvas float        float frame

If you’ve got a canvas that needs a bit of help on your wall you might want to think of a canvas float to give it a little more presence.

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