Repairing flood damage

Here at ART on 5th we don’t only design, build and fit custom frames, we can also help deal with repair and restoration issues. We have a local expert restorer who can work magic on your most treasured pieces of art whether they’re on canvas or paper. Due to the recent flooding in some Southern Austin areas we’ve had a few pieces come to us with flood damage. One was a beautiful needlepoint piece that was done by the clients mother some 40 years ago. For obvious reasons the piece had incredible sentimental value and had sadly suffered from water damage due to water running down the wall it was hanging on.The backing and paper matting was clearly soaked with condensation visible on the inside of the glass so we worked quickly to remove the fabric from danger and let it air dry naturally. With pieces as old and delicate as this it’s always best to get it dry naturally. If you start using hair dryers on the fabric it could shrink due to the heat.


damage 01      damage 02      damage  03


The piece is now dry and looking much better than it did when it first arrived a week ago. We’re just waiting on the client to decide whether to get the fabric cleaned before we place it in a new frame. Since this piece came in we’ve had another piece, a framed poster with similar damage. Luckily the matting soaked up more water than the poster itself so it looks like we’re going to have another success story with that one also.

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