To shadowbox or not to shadowbox…

Shadowboxes are a great way to custom frame three dimensional objects.  We have framed everything from jerseys to guitars in shadowboxes and always love to see what people will bring in next!  Below is a Dallas Cowboys jersey that we finished recently.

 photo 1 (7)

To create a shadowbox we float (piece on top of mat) the object, jersey, etc on our signature hand-wrapped linen mats then we also wrap the sides of the frame with linen to create a linen “box” for the artwork to live.  When the sides of the frame are wrapped the piece is recessed into the frame instead of being pushed forward like a regular frame.  This recessed look causes the shadow in the shadowbox.

For jerseys there is an additional step to secure the piece to the mat.  Since everything we do at ART on 5th is archival we sew the jersey to the backboard instead of gluing.  That way if the jersey ever needs to be removed from the shadowbox all you have to do is cut the thread!  We included a silver fillet for some contrast against the black frame and black mat.  The client chose to have the sleeves folded in instead of sticking out.  We’ve done the jersey sleeves a myriad of ways but the folded sleeves are my favorite because they keep the piece from getting too large.  All in all a shadowbox is a classic way to display a signed jersey and creates a wonderful presentation in your home.




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