Two Diplomas, One Frame

College and high school diplomas are often a client’s first experience with custom framing.  At ART on 5th we use our signature custom framing elements to make diplomas look like a piece of fine art.  Many universities use a combination of colorful mats in their school colors.  We use our signature hand wrapped linen mats instead of the paper mats to add sophistication to such an important document in the client’s life.  Today, I had a client bring in her Bachelor’s diploma that her cat had knocked off the shelf.  She also had her Master’s diploma and asked if we could put both in the same frame.  Here is what we came up with!


Diploma               diploma4


We selected a wooden frame in a dark cherry with a traditional profile.  The wood tone compliments the gold on the university seal plus burgundy is one of her university’s colors.  We used a two inch mat on the outside of the diplomas and one and a half inch in between the pieces.  ART on 5th has found that these proportions look great with smaller pieces in one frame, the diplomas are 8.5 by 11 inches.  Diplomas typically hang together so it made sense to go ahead and put the pieces in the same frame, plus now you only have to hang one piece instead of two!

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