Vintage Binaca Poster

Last week I was lucky enough to get an original vintage Binaca poster from 1944 in the gallery for custom framing. This poster “Swiss Object Realism Style” by famous poster designer Niklaus Stoecklin from 1944 is nothing short of amazing.  When it comes to framing an old poster, considering linen backing is always a good option. “Linen Backing is a conservation method used to mount and preserve vintage posters so they can be displayed or framed without compromising value. Damaged posters are stabilized through linen backing and restoration to protect the poster from further damage. Linen backing holds the poster flat and smooth allowing it to be easily handled, stored or framed. Most vintage posters have suffered tears, folds and losses over the years. This makes them look frayed and irreparable. Don’t let this discourage you. An experienced restorer is capable of bringing a damaged poster back to life. Folds can be easily flattened once the poster has been linen backed and tears can be positioned back together. This first step of the linen backing process is the back-bone of bringing your poster back to life. Once linen backed, these folds and tears will virtually disappear when a restoration artist carefully restores color loss using colored pencils and watercolor paints. Losses can be replaced by using a piece of another poster to fill the loss. Most expert restorers have a large archive of scrap posters, which can be used to replace most losses. A properly restored poster can look dramatically better than its former self.” In this case, the poster was in very good shape and the client enjoys the natural wave the poster earned over the years.



With such a large poster we decided to go with a 3″ float on our hand wrapped linen mats with a 3.5″ rustic yet modern, textured wooden frame.  The image floating on the mat instead of windowed gets rid of any defining borders around the piece, plus you don’t lose any of the image.  The client also went for our UV-Plexi glas option to preserve and protect the piece from UV damage and fading over time.  To read more about “float” options. Click here!

Photo Oct 04, 5 07 001 PM Photo Oct 04, 5 06 43 PM

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